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Our fundraising goal

The fundraising program we have is meant to give teams, clubs, PTO, and non-profits the opportunity to raise funds from products they already purchase like apparel, buttons, yard signs, car decal, hats, and so on. We treat that club, team, or non-profit like a wholesale client set for resale. We can help you every step of the way from logo branding or design layout for your goods, to designing and producing your catalog/order forms. Once your design is complete, we can build a virtual store (Shopping Center) and host it on our site for you to sell from.

Here is a list of some of the products we offer for our fundraising program:

Embroidered Hats and polos, silkscreened t-shirts, hoodies, crew fleece, long sleeve t-shirts, buttons, button magnets, yard signs, car decals, coroplast fat heads, stadium seat cushions, plastic discount cards, and banners. If you don't see an item you would like to offer or have an idea, please let us know


We do ALL the work.

In this case, we would create the art. Design and print your order forms. Create the link to your Shopping Center based on Kreative Marketings website. Take all the orders and ship them to the purchaser once the work is done. Once your sale is done, we will pay you your portion of the proceeds. 

Pro: This is almost a completely hands-off process for you. Far fewer liabilities.

Con: You get a lower portion of the proceeds. 


We are here to lend a hand.

When we do partial fulfillment, we will design your art for print, design your catalog for taking orders and print your product. Then we will meet up with you (for local orders) or ship your entire order, all together. It will be up to you to separate your order for your customers. 

Pro: You will net a higher margin on your profits. 

Con: You'll be getting your hands a little dirty with these orders. 


It's on you but we have your back

Print and ship is just that. We will still offer to design your art but you will be responsible for your own marketing materials and method of sales. Once your order is complete, you can pick it up or we can deliver it locally. I will be packaged all together unsorted. It will be up to your and your team to put the individual orders together. 

Pro: You will net a higher margin on your profits. 

Con: You'll be getting your hands a little dirty with these orders. 

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